How to run Commercials during your FaceBook Live/Audio Stream

How to take breaks between your play-by-play broadcast on FaceBook Live streaming event.

I’m going to keep this post short, because it’s easier if I show you how to run commercials during your live Facebook sports broadcast, than it is typing it. However, I am going to include some images that will help you understand the type of cables you will be using to send audio from your mixer to you cell phone.

This plug is for headphones only
Credit mklec blog
Break down of TRRS
Break down of TRS
This plug is for headphones/mic

You’ve Heard of Facebook Live, How about Facebook Live “Audio?”

Live Audio “only” with Faebook

Now you can stream live-audio only, from Facebook

I’m an “audio-guy” by heart, so I was super excited when I heard Facebook was coming out with an “live-audio only” option for your personal, group or page account.

To access this feature simply go to your Facebook account, and where you post, click on the “Live” button. Next, go to the bottom right corner and click on the menu. A list will pop-up and select on “live-audio broadcast.” Last you can type in a description of your  broadcast and then hit start, and just like you are on live, audio only.

There are still limitations as far broadcasting an entire sporting event, however I can see this maybe in time taking over expensive online streaming platforms.

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